Saturday, July 21, 2018

To Victoria and Jess and Todd!

Thursday began with an epic cleaning of Pinecone Park—and of course the watering of gardens and exhausting of dog. It was a lovely cool morning with a decent breeze; the air was fresh and stimulating. It was a perfect summer day.
I made a whack of lemon curd for two tarts and completed them in the afternoon. I took one to Darrell and Elaine as a thank you for all the fruits and vegetables they’ve given me. I topped the tarts with blueberries and raspberries from their allotment. 
The second one is for Todd and Jessica; I’ll transport it in my cooler picnic basket. I’m catching an early ferry to go to Victoria for the day to see them and their kids and coming back this evening. This trip is a test. If I can get there and back without a seizure I’ll be convinced my propensity for having them is over.
As I write this, it’s 5:30 am. I leave in 2.5 hours to catch the ferry and my body feels thick; I feel heavy and “overcharged” because I know what I’m about to do. 
I get into the car and go to the village almost every day and I feel great. I love the drive. But when I get in the car to go to Silva Bay to catch the plane to Vancouver, my body takes on its weight as soon as I leave my driveway—just as it does now.
Anything out of the ordinary, every change in routine is a fight for me with this condition—this level of anxiety that is so ironically called “exquisite.” The difference now is that I can carry on believing that Clonidine will keep me from having a seizure.
And I have the magic App. Honestly, it’s like Jesus Christ is my best friend I feel so incredibly secure with the App talking me through every single aspect of the drive.
There are parks along the way where I intend to stop, so I’m doing the trip in stages and using the App to get me to each park for a break and a stroll.
It’s a beautiful day for the drive. It’s predicted to be a lovely 25° today then, tomorrow, the heat comes back. It’s exactly the kind of day I wanted for this trip and I have the phone App as my brilliant navigator.  
Late yesterday I had my first hot tub since “taking control” of the spa. (I turn it on and off manually now; I’ve interrupted its automatic operation.) I’ve got the temperature down to 97° now—down from 109° which was way too hot. It’s really lovely now to ‘take the waters’ because I can stay in comfortably for a long time.
The cat palace has been on hold for a bit; its deadline is three weeks away.
When the New Yorker started its cartoon contest on the last page, I thought it was stupid but soon it won me over. I recently read an edition in which the drawing was of a woman on a cell phone standing in a hallway watching an endless stream of men coming out of a door. One of the three finalists for the caption was: “I’ll call you right back, the Senate Committee on the Status of Women just adjourned.”

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