Thursday, July 12, 2018

Fred Eats a Net

Some days I can work hard all day; some days I can’t do anything. Yesterday was a lost day. I went to bed at 8:00 pm on Tuesday night. Still, after two days in the city, I felt exhausted all day yesterday. I did some housework, a little work on the raffle and walked Her Highness. Most of the time, I lay around. 
It’s pretty warm and weather forecasters are saying the annual summer high is here so we’ll have sunshine for weeks on end. My house stays cool in the heat; it’s fabulous. I’ve no need for the ceiling fan in my bedroom. When I go outside, I’m embraced by humid warm air that’s fragrant with the scent of Gardenia, Petunias and Alyssum. I do not take this privilege for granted.
I was lovely to sit outside in the silence last night while the barbeque cooked my dinner. The treetops shone in the golden light of early evening.
This morning, having left the doors open all night, the forest and the dry soil smells are my morning incense. It felt great to be alive…. For about ten minutes and then Fred started howling. I ran to him to soothe him and he started throwing up over and over again until he brought up the string net he’d eaten that once held my pork loin together.
Then, when I took the garbage outside I felt unusual heat. I’d left the barbeque on low all night. It’s like I’m trying to go broke.
Today I have a meeting about the raffle at eleven. Then I’ve got to get started asking for things. I’m very nervous that I’m not going to succeed so the only thing to do is get to it.

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