Sunday, July 29, 2018

Missed Flight

It was wonderful seeing Kelly Saturday morning; she’s a good and long-time friend and relentlessly positive. She was fine with Dingo. We went to the market and then had lunch. Then I rushed home to walk Sheba before heading off to Sylva Bay to meet Jacques’ sea plane. He wasn’t on it.
I seriously fucked up. I thought I’d received a confirmation for Jacques on the 2:00 pm flight but what I got was a confirmation of his being on the waiting list. 
Here is the message I received from the airline, word for word: 
Okay, I’ve added Jacques as the actual passenger… will this be on your FF account? Or will Jacques be paying with his own gold coins?” 
I don’t feel quite so stupid now that I have re-read this; I can easily see why I thought he was confirmed on the flight. He turned up at the terminal only to discover he couldn’t get on the plane. I found out at this end when I arrived at the terminal here to pick him up. I felt sick with guilt and regret.
When I got home: Of course! The cats had knocked the receiver off the phone so there was no message from Jacques. But I didn’t have to wait too long. He called and got a flight to Nanaimo and then the ferry arriving here at 5:30 instead of 2:30. All in all, a pretty good recovery!
As soon as he leaves, Dingo goes to Vancouver for two days. Then I come home to finish the cat palace and, hopefully, securing sufficient items for the raffle prizes.

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