Wednesday, July 11, 2018


This made me laugh out loud in a restaurant.
This is for my friend Beth.

The Silva Bay resort here on the island has been sold. The old lodge is coming down this week; it was burned in a fire two days before I moved here.
Currently we have only Surf Lodge in which to eat in decent atmosphere. Next year we’ll have two resorts. They’re going to restore Silva Bay Lodge plus add a dozen rentable cabins for tourists. The new owner says a restored restaurant and pub will be open by next summer. It’s great news!
My trip to Vancouver was miraculous. It was like not being ill at all. When I met Tory and Keith for lunch, I had a minor issue with my speech but it truly was minor. Speaking out loud without problems at Arts Council meeting of strangers and doing fine in Vancouver have convinced me that Clonidine works for me.
I still have the condition but I have a damper on my reactor. I feel free of my shadow; it feels as good as a cure.
Today I water the gardens (it’s a huge job), restore order here after my trip away and then I get to work on the raffle. I’m excited and scared at the same time: I get to make things but I also have people hoping my work earns the Arts Council six grand.
I look forward to documenting the project. 

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