Friday, July 6, 2018

An Orchid!

Thank God: My right eye is working much better this morning!
I could barely read all day Thursday! Dr. Spencer drops put three different kinds of drops in my eyes and the pupil dilation lasted well into the evening; it was torture to open my eyes because of how brightly light was to my eyes. 
I liked Dr. Spencer; he’s a nice man. And get this: I searched “Cataract surgery wait time BC” and got some terrific and very specific information on the BC government website. I was able to read that 50% of his surgeries are done within 39 weeks and 90% are done within 49 weeks. A year! Thank God my left eye is so good.
I had a seizure on the ferry coming home. It was short and discreet. I continue to believe that Clonidine, a blood pressure drug that works for the treatment of anxiety,  is working for me.
This morning Elaine is coming to take me to see her allotment where she grows vegetables and fruit. I’ll be picking fresh raspberries. (Elaine is Darrell’s wife; Darrell is the fellow who did all my renovations.)
Photo of plant
I’m chuffed!
A few days ago a posted the photo above. I took it because it’s a wild plant that I’d never seen it growing before. Yesterday I met a woman in the ferry line-up who leads tours here for the museum pointing out local flora, so I showed her the photo and she told me it is commonly called Rattlesnake Plantain. It’s an orchid called Goodyera oblongifolia. 

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