Sunday, July 22, 2018


Saturday was Mission Accomplished!
I left home for the ferry just before 8:00. I thought I might be lucky and catch the 8:50 but I expected to join a long summer line up and probably catch the 10:05 ferry. But no, I was fourth in line. There was no one there.
Everything was fine until I arrived in Nanaimo and then … well, I almost turned around and came home. I had a very rough emotional time but I kept going and then, just after 10:00 am, the horror lifted and the rest of the trip was pretty good.
When I got to Victoria I was totally mute but I could get single syllables out. When I got to Todd and Jessica’s, I couldn’t get anything out at all but after a while I started speaking—barely, but words. Eventually I was able to use my Dingo voice.
The App on my phone makes everything so incredibly easy! I got to Todd and Jessica’s without any problem at all. And I finally saw their extraordinary home. They are a hardworking young couple, parents to Sahara and Hudson. When I saw Sahara, I just started bawling. I was so, so happy to see her. She’s in incredible 17 years old now.
We chilled; we ate; we waked about. Todd is magic. His vegetable garden is huge and magnificent. I had a fabulous visit and then left at 5:00. The drive home, much easier than the drive down and the weather was spectacular. I caught the 7:25 ferry and loved my reunion with Sheba, Fred and Ethel.  
I did it and no seizures. I’m certain they are over for sure now.  I assume it’s the drugs but I already want to stop taking it to see if they stay away, but I won’t do that without talking with Dr. S. first.
I feel like I’ve climbed K2. 
I, a guy who went to India once for three months and got so enamored of life in the rustic villages and seedy hotels that I went back for six more months; I, a guy who sought out and survived a week in the Namibian dessert with Bushmen and scorpions and rampaging elephant has become a guy proud of driving from Nanaimo to Victoria. How things have changed!
Home is where life is richest now. No more exotic foreign camping. I revel in the chaos of my studio and husbanding my pets and flora. 

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