Friday, July 27, 2018


Setting up outside for dinner. 32°
I've never posted a shot with the screen door open. It's
lovely how it opens up my entry area that I never use.
I keep my dinning room doors open permanently so the cats
and Sheba can enjoy the breeze when there is one and take in
the view of people and birds in the yard.

I am so F’ing glad I have nothing to do today. I’m pooped from yesterday.
Go, go, go; that’s what I did all day Thursday in advance of the evening dinner party.
I went in for the last of a few things mid-day and when I went to pay, my wallet was not in my bag—or in the car, yet I’d just had it at the post office. Panic! Then I saw it lying on the pavement in the parking lot. Phew.
I worked hard right up until 5:30. Then I could take a break so I had a spa and rested until my guests arrived at 6:30. 
I wrote everything I had to do from 7:15 onward so the champagne would not interfere with my plans. I had all the ingredients I needed for the cooking measured and chopped at the ready. I felt blessed to be having a dream come true.
My years, first in a townhome and then in a condo with no balcony or land, are so  over! Now I have such a generous deck, the courtyard and its fountain and lots and lots of flowers—all steps from my kitchen. I’m shitfaced happy. 
It could not have been a more perfect night. It was 33° when they arrived. That’s when I opened the Veuve. Hoorah! I’d put the glasses in the fridge, too! I don’t know about the others, but it certainly relaxed me (especially knowing my written instructions were held by a magnet on the side of my fridge).
I wanted things to go right—to go well. And I think everyone had a good time. We sat comfortably outside without bugs until 11:00 when everyone left. Of course, as I was cleaning up I found the Manchego cheese unused. After all that relief of finding it against all odds on Gabriola, I forgot to put it in the corn. Sigh.
Today I meet Michelle, the Arts Council ED at 11:00 and that’s my only duty today—that and watering all the plants. Tomorrow Jacques arrives from Montreal to stay for a couple of days and then I go to Vancouver for two days—one for Asthma the other for anxiety and—and some visits with friends. So today: REST!

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