Tuesday, July 17, 2018

My Play Will be Read!

Yesterday I wrote to an ex-boss who has all the right experience (and ideal taste) to assess the merit of my script and asked him to read it. 
I felt okay doing so because he’s retired. I explained that I want to know whether to push ahead or let it go—that I have no idea of its merit (unlike my technical writing that I could always self-assess). 
He said yes! I’m very excited at the prospect of a frank, honest assessment. I can honestly tell him that “It stinks!” would be welcome news. I’d get on with just an art show.
I also took my letters into the Arts Council and got stationery to do more. I could not talk with them at all; it surprised and disappointed me. I had to speak in my Rand voice; it works perfectly.
The best part of the day was working on the cat palace.
At 5:30 it was 34° outside!
Today I go for my third appointment with Dr. Spencer. The lens of my eye will be measured so a replacement lens can be made.
Several weeks ago, I wrote about meeting Fran├žois and his two Whippets at the beach. I told him about the community dog walks and he and his partner, Ian, have come several times and we walk together. 
Yesterday I invited them for dinner and they accepted. I’m super excited because they are lovely men and Ian is a soul mate—he loves animals and plants.
I also invited Jay who has been so good to me here. Like Ian and Fran├žois, he has a lot of land and is farming. 

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