Monday, July 2, 2018

Recent Photos

Sunday was lay-zee! Bruce and I frittered away the morning, went into the village for lunch and then I took him to his plane, after which, Sheba and I went to see the petroglyphs again. The balance of the day was spent waiting for Endeavor,on Masterpiece Theatre
A Gardenia that I planted last October has bloomed. I cannot believe that I can grow Mother Nature’s most gorgeous smell and my favourite flower.
Some recent photos …
The huge cabbage from the Farmers' Marrket.
Praise Mother Nature: My Gardenia bloomed.
I found a beach FULL of sea asparagus. Yum!
Sea Asparagus. I love being a forager.
The fungus (?) I found growing.
A plant I've never seen in the wild before.

Below: Petroglyphs.

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