Monday, July 9, 2018

Dinner was a Success

The dog walk was spectacular because I am so happy to be part of it. I know most of the dogs names and a am friendly with some owners and today the weather was perfect. Sheba went into deep sleep when we got home, allowing me to focus on the balance of preparations for dinner.
My guests are George and Jo-Ann. She is the daughter of my father’s brother. He is her third husband. I have rarely seen her during my lifetime and when I have, I’ve never spent more than a few moments with her.
I put myself through Hell when I have guests sometimes. I get into a “I want everything to be perfect” mode and exhaust myself cooking and cleaning. For what, I often wonder. 
I made canap├ęs of sliced pear on a mixture of blue and cream cheeses and pecans bits—all laid on slices of toasted raisin bread and topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. My starter was ravioli—made by my hand and infused with lemon jest—with a goat cheese/tumeric interior. I sprinkled the ravioli with grape seed oil and then added some pink peppercorns, tarragon and fresh basil.
I served pork loin for the main. I barbequed it with red peppers and sweet white onions and served it with a little broccoli for colour. I added a balsamic/maple syrup for the meat. My salad was all made of local grown greens and served with spa-made raspberry vinaigrette.
And for dessert: A tart made of lemon curd with fresh raspberry on top.
Sheba slept from when we got home from the walk, just before noon, until four-thirty.

It was a nice night. It was particularly nice that my guests were staying at Surf Lodge because I’m leaving this morning for Vancouver and had a lot to do before I left—mostly water the gardens. I see Dr. S. this afternoon and tomorrow I get a little award and a free lunch.
Plus; They left just in time for me to watch Endeavour.

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