Thursday, July 19, 2018


  I absolutely love Roz Chast.

I feel free again: All the letters I had to write, asking for donations for the raffle, are done and mailed. Duties suffocate me; I had to get the work done as quickly as possible to feel relief. 
Another resolution is pending, too. I’ve booked a spa repairman. He’s coming August 10thand until then I’ll operate it manually. The spa is a mechanical mystery to me, as was my water system. I was reluctant to learn how to manage my water; I’ve driven for over fifty years without having a clue about the engine. But I had to learn it and I feel better about living here now that I do.
The spa is also a complicated piece of mechanics but if I’m going to keep it and keep it running, I have to learn how to manage it.
Today’s task, however, is to re-write scene two of Defiant Dress so that I can send it to my generous and experienced director friend who’s willing to read it. If he likes it, he may have suggestions for me about where, and how, to develop it. One way or another, I’ll soon know if it’s worth more work or if I should just show my ladies and be done with it. It’ll be a huge relief to solve that mystery.
I got started this morning and you know what? I like working on it because I’ve had a long time away from it. I’m really chuffed about my enthusiasm; I’m going to try to do the whole scene today/tomorrow and get it off to Bill before the weekend.
My speech is shite again in spite of my new medication. But I’m farmore comfortable using my Rand voice now. Rand, however, is sounding more Australian than South African now so I should probably change my character name to Dingo. 

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