Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Bruce left me with homework: Replace and electrical plate, clean my fans, clean my hot tub (“it’s slippery”) and lower its temperature and buy more coffee—I ran out. I can do it all except cool the hot tub (but I emailed a repair service). 
Bruce won’t be invited back! (I’m kidding.)  
Monday dawned spectacularly. I awoke in a penumbra of ennui as I often do after the visit of a good friend. I did not do his homework. Those tasks go to the end of the list and today I dealt started at the top—and the list is long! 
I was highly productive yesterday; I worked conscientiously all day and into the night. I only took an hour off to watch Endeavour—I was too tired to watch it Sunday night. One thing I did was move my solar lights from shining on trees in my front yard to shining on the three fence panels I did and it looks great at night!
Plus: I worked all day on an increased dosage of my new drug—a drug I believe is working. Next Monday I see Dr. Shoja and I’ll be reporting my first-ever sense pharmacological success.
Today, as with yesterday, there’s not a cloud in the sky. I plan to enjoy myself today after my day of diligence yesterday.
Thursday to Saturday it’s supposed to rain. I hope it does. Our weather has been swinging from hot and dry to warm and wet and so the produce in the Market is spectacular. My cousin Jo-Ann is coming for dinner on Sunday; I’ll be able to serve some fresh local produce I get at the Saturday market.
If it does rain, I’ll be starting on the cat hotel and large chocolate box I have to make for the Arts Council.
I’ve heard nothing about my play from Stephen at the Arts Club. I don’t expect to until the Fall; perhaps I’ll hear nothing.
I’m to find a knowledgeable person to read it. I need an opinion of its worth. It’s so weird to not have a clue about its merit; technical writing, my forte, is easy to assess. If an experienced reader were to think it has potential, I would continue to pursue Stephen. (Colin has quit the business.) If a professional thought it was trash; it’d be a gift to know that and I’d get on with showing the dresses as sculpture here instead. That's be fun.
I want to do something with my ladies. I wan to go as far with them as I can; I'd rather see them in my play than as a show—and then get on to my next project. I was thinking I’d build a puppet theatre but now I’m thinking I’d make masks that could be sold.

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