Saturday, April 20, 2019

A Garden Emerges

We went on a long, slow, glorious walk this morning, Her Highness and I. And then I came home to work.
I washed the porch decking and swept the back deck so that the place looks good for Lydia and David. And then I started on the backyard garden.
I removed a jungle of Salal, Wild Rose (very  prickly), Huckleberry and Oregon Grape from around the stump of a tree, felled a long time ago, and clearing off the stump. I cleared the ground, tilled it, went into the neighbour’s yard and stole rocks to form a border and then I backfilled it with rich, lush soil left over from the vegetable beds. 
The garden winds between a cluster of huge towering Fir trees that cast their shadows east. I’ve a Clematis growing up the west side of one of the Firs, and Hostas fill most of the rest of the garden I planted last year because it was shaded before I opened the canopy. 
Now there is much more garden and light! I’ve no grand plan; I’ll do what a limited budget allows. I’m very pleased with all I did. By 4:00 pm, though, I was pooped. I quit knowing I had today to do more toting of rocks.
And all day, I aired the house. I had the front and porch doors opened. (They’re screened to keep my kitties indoors.) It was so nice to smell the forest inside. Tonight, I’ll light the fire after a long luxurious spa, and then I’ll watch the first two episodes of season four of The Durrells in Corfu. I love the show; it’s a fitting reward for my work.
My Rhodo is out in the front of the house.
Barely, I know! But growing! Radishes and, barely visible,
Beets on the right.
Garlic. Strawberries will go on the left.
This is the new Garden of Stolen Stones and my new backyard lawn.
The lawn replaces a chaos of roots, weeds, vines and prickles.

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