Sunday, April 28, 2019

Post Storm

I’ve been outside this morning, to assess the amount of time it will take to restore the yard after yesterday’s windstorm. It’ll take all day today, for sure, and some of tomorrow. The good news is that my car is not damaged in any way; it’s a convertible and vulnerable to damage from falling branches. And now I know that I have to put weights on the lids of the cold frames when there’s a strong wind.
The birds are feeding, the sun is shining; it’s another beautiful day. I’ll go on the big community dog walk an then I’ll attend to the storm detritus and end the day enjoying the spa. Tonight: The Durrells.
It’s predicted to be sunny for the next eight days. It’s nice in the afternoons, but the mornings are still too chilly to plant the balance of my vegetables. However, it’s very clear that all my transplanting has worked: The Grape vines, the Wisteria and all the Clematis are doing fine.

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