Saturday, April 27, 2019

Glorious Weather!

Today is another absolutely gorgeous day. After a lovely long morning walk with Her Highness this morning, I did the first all-garden watering of the year. It’s a job I will come to hate, soon, because it takes so long
I thoroughly washed my Hummingbird feeder and loaded it up with nectar. I’ve not been lucky with it to date, but now I hang it on the clothesline and within minutes of putting it out, a Rufous Hummingbird was on it and it was the most beautiful Hummingbird I have ever seen. All day, the feeder is busy now, and I’m thrilled.
We’re having a windstorm today. The roof of one of my cold frames blew off, so I replaced it and it blew off again. There are branches down everywhere, so tomorrow I’ll be sweeping and raking the yard.
I’ve chilled all day, accomplishing very little other than the watering. But who cares!

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