Friday, April 12, 2019

Ice Talk

Thursday is further evidence of my capacity for idleness. The only thing of consequence I did was to make corrections to the Tool Library brochure for Patsy. It rained all day; end of story.
This morning, as I look west out my office window, the sky is dark with cloud, but in the east, the sky is clear so the sun is illuminating the tops of the trees against a dark and stormy sky. It’s really beautiful. The sky is clearing; we’re predicted to enjoy a sunny day today. Spring got off to an excellent start, but its stalled now. Rain returns tomorrow.
Maybe eight years ago I went to hospital four times in one year in respiratory distress. That led to tests, an asthma diagnosis and treatment. I have not had a single incident of distress since and my breathing assessments have gone from quarterly to annual. (I’m an outpatient of the Pacific Lung Clinic at St. Paul’s Hospital.)
My last assessment was July of last year and that’s when Dr. Dorscheid said I was doing so well that I needn’t come back until July of this year. When I went to the receptionist to book my appointment, she told me they weren’t booking 2019 yet and that she’d call me later in the year. 
Well, of course, she didn’t. So last month I sent an email to the clinic and it bounced back; I sent a second one to another address and heard nothing back. I left a voice mail message on a line after that and didn’t hear back from it, either, so yesterday I called the clinic. (I put off calling all the time due to my bad speech.)
I explained my story to the receptionist and told her my prescriptions run out in July, so I need an appointment.
“We’re booking October appointments now,” she said.
“Well, can I arrange to renew my prescriptions without an assessment and have my assessment in October then?”
“No. Prescriptions cannot be renewed without an assessment.”
“Well, I shouldn’t go for four months without my prescriptions, I don’t think.”
“Then you should have called earlier.”
“I don’t think it’s fair to say that to someone who you said would be contacted by your clinic and who got no answer to two emails and a phone message, do you?”
There was a long pause. Then, with an icy tone, she said: “I can fit you in on July 30that 2:30.” Mission uncomfortably accomplished.

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