Wednesday, April 24, 2019


Well, I didn’t go to Nanaimo yesterday, after all. The ferry line up was too long. So I turned around and bought a whack of cheap plants at the local hardware store and a few at my favourite nursery, and came home to plant them in the glorious sunshine. Now my new garden looks great; it’s no longer a big patch of earth.
Some cherished earliest memories are of flowers. I’ve always loved them and respected them as the most beautiful and delicate form of life. When my family moved to West Vancouver in 1952 (!), I was four and offered a bribe to be happy about leaving my beloved neighbourhood: I chose a Flowering Almond tree. So you can believe me when I say how great it felt to be putting plants into my new garden.  
And then climbing into the spa! After that, came a trail walk to celebrate the sunshine, and after that: Homemade chocolate cake.
This morning starts with a dog walk and then I’ll go into the village for a quick shop and, after that, I’ll come home to hope David and Lydia arrive as planned. I haven’t heard a thing from them since our date was made weeks ago. It’s a stunning day for their arrival.
I’m heartened by the P.E.I. election and the Green Party’s status as official opposition. It’s another sign that responsible planet management may come as the younger generations exert their influence on the electoral process. All my hope lies in the young.

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