Friday, April 5, 2019

Planting Again

There were plenty of sunny breaks yesterday; it was a balmy 17° at four in the afternoon.
I planted some Nasturtiums on my deck, in my hanging baskets and under the trellis I built for peas and beans. I also planted some more Radishes. It’s raining and we’re apparently in for four more days of it so I’m glad I got them into the ground. It’s ideal weather for the new lawn I’ve panted in the backyard, too, but there are no shoots yet.
Two plants, a Clematis and an Azalea, I thought had died, are alive. I was really thrilled to discover that. I am going to watch them this year, and care for them in hopes of helping them to thrive. And I see buds on the Grape vines and Wisteria that I transplanted. Hallelujah! I put two more Clematis in yesterday, too; and they’re evergreen.
My place is looking really good and it’s hard for new gardens to look good when the plants are barely established and small. But I’m really enthused by the increased growth I see already in my perennials and now I have my second summer to look forward to making improvements to the gardens. My yard is, and will forever be, my creative project as long as I live here. 
The extreme sense of comfort I have here exists in extreme contrast to life off Gabriola. My visits to Vancouver and Nanaimo were soul crushing. I’m so, so happy to be home.
It was so warm this morning that I didn’t really need to light the fire, but I did anyway because I love its sound and smell—it gives me a nice feeling on a rainy day.
It will be a wet dog walk for our group this morning and afterwards I have shopping to do, but then Patsy is coming over around 1:00 to talk about a brochure for the Tool Library. A guest!

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