Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Limited Return

I was to lazy yesterday, to even post.
Sunday’s sunshine felt like a personal reward from God for all my work on the Selfie show. I was dedicated the entire day to recovery, beginning with a lovely long wonderful soak in the hot tub. The water warmed my body, the sunshine warmed my face and the satisfaction of work well done and finished  warmed my soul.
After the dog walk, I tweaked the alignment of all the parts of the Tool Library brochure and submitted it to the printer. Now all my volunteering is done and henceforth my focus is on the gardens.
I also went shopping on Sunday because the grocery store here is closed until tomorrow as they rebrand themselves. It’s kind of ridiculous that they are changing everything—even the shopping carts—to have their brand name on everything.
I saw Tales of the City on PBS a million years ago, and swooned over every aspect of it. Starting in June, Netflix is bringing it back. It lasted only one season on PBS because blowback about its homosexual content had PBS stop airing it—the cowards. Laura Linney is back as (an older) Mary Ann Singleton, and so is Olympia Dukakis as Mrs. Madrigal. But I wonder … can you go back?
Monday, I went on the dog walk and then did absolutely nothing all day and evening. It was a nice day but I just idled my time away doing nothing productive.  
The Selfie show was a huge success in every way except financially. Five of us worked our asses off for zillions of hours and all we raised was about $1,500. Still, the public impression of the show was an unqualified hit.
I cried watching the news about Notre Dame every time it came on. It was heartbreaking to watch people in the streets singing hymns. 
Today is another decent day so I hope to muster some energy to do some yard work. I find the return of chilly weather dispiriting; it’s hard to get out there. But I have plans for the central garden in the backyard. I want to take out all the forest plants so it becomes a floral garden. Over time, I can add lots of flowers now that the canopy is more open above it.

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