Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Revising Revisions

Tuesday was nice. First thing in the morning, Sheba and I walked a route we hadn’t walked for ages. And then I baked de a batch of Ranger Cookies. And then, after that and lunch, I spent the rest of the day reconstructing all the Tool Library files. I made the originals @ 72 dpi (dots per inch) and they need files @ 300 dpi.   
I did a laundry and for the first time used my new collapsible clothes. I will use it henceforth for laundry on days when I can’t use my clothesline. (I’ll never use my dryer again to save buckets ‘o cash.) And then I heard from the printer again: They needed more corrective work done on the files.
They sent me a template for an 11” X 17” brochure and ours is 11” X 11” and when I called to tell them I got attitude; it was impossible for them to consider they erred. I had to adapt the template to serve our need and in this digital age, absolute precision is essential. I got word at the end of the day that the revisions of my revisions passed muster.
Today has dawned “iffy;” we’ll go on the walk and then … I hope to do the garden work I didn’t do yesterday when I created calories to consume instead of burning them, but I need energy from sunshine to do yard work enthusiastically.

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