Thursday, April 11, 2019

Life is Great!

The dog walks Wednesday morning was, as it is so often, inspiring. The smells of the forest infuse me with euphoria. And my eye delights in the image of Sheba and the other dogs playing blissfully as we move along the trails. She ran so much that she slept all day and night.
When we got home, I amazed myself by taking out all my receipts and preparing all my notes and figures to send to my accountant. It’s the first time I’ve done my taxes on time since the onset of my condition. Then, late in the afternoon, just before cake time, the sky cleared and the sun came out so I was in the spa in a flash. 
My friends Bruce and Beth are travelling briefly together in Italy. They’re in Turin and the other morning, Bruce asked Beth: “Do you want to go and see the Turd of Shroudin?” My buddy births a Spoonerism.
My cistern and well continue to work perfectly and I remain very confident about my mastery of the spa. I’ve never managed to sustain the water as well as I have over the past four months—good for me, good for my guests.
The Ivy clippings are looking good this morning. They have not drooped; the leaves look vital and so I’m optimistic the cuttings I took from my neighbour will root. It’s not Deer resistant, so when I plant it, it will have to be protected until it’s high enough to grow unfettered.
Today is cloudy, cool and dull. It’s great weather for my new lawn but it’ll keep me indoors today. Tomorrow is predicted to be lovely so I’ll be back in the garden. Yay!

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