Friday, April 19, 2019


The air was blue with mist most of Thursday. It was a day we have only rarely, when it rains all day; but it was the kind of day the world thinks we experience every day on the We(s)t Coast.
A day like yesterday, when everyone stays indoors, is the perfect day for me to do errands. I went sopping in our newly named, over-stocked grocery store (and had some free reopening cake) and then to the local nursery and got two Blueberry pants for my veggie garden. 
I spent the reset of a very nice cozy day indoors. 
I made some volunteer graphic work for the Vancouver Theatre Alliance and my high school’s graduation party committee.  
I was glad for my library of fabulous DVDs. I got comfortable on the couch with Her Highness, and watched Ladies in Lavender.I love that film. How could I not? It’s almost entirely Judy Dench or Maggie Smith speaking and Joshua Bell plays its plentiful violin music. 
It’s not raining today; after a cloudy morning, the sun broke through just after noon and the weekend is predicted to be sunny. I’m very ready for that and getting back to yard work. 
Annabel responded to my cancellation, and so did my friend, Bruce. And their responses soothed my aging aching soul. They understand and accept my decision as a function of an illness and their kindness made me feel wonderful. They are true friends.

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