Monday, April 8, 2019


Sunday was all about pain—and avoiding it. My neck was brutally sore. At one point, to get some relief, I lay down and that was a big mistake. It hurt worse and it was impossible to find a way to do it comfortably. I was worried about last night when I got up, holding my head in my hands to reduce the pain.
So last night I took an Ativan to help me sleep and boy did it work! I had a great sleep and my neck feels much better this morning. And thank God! Pain is debilitating; it saps your energy so that you don’t want to do anything. 
Rain is predicted for today. I’ve the dog walk to do and then I’ll come home to pass yet another day doing what I love most to do: Nothing. “Nothing” can actually mean constant activity, but nothing is urgent. I’ll sweep and attend to details around the yard. I love doing that.
I need to mow the lawn but it needs to be good and dry. Instead, I’ll likely tidy the shed to justify my day and so that I can park in there. It’s pollen season. It’s just starting but soon the ground will turn yellow as all the Fir trees dump it in huge volumes.
And … Victory! My Sweet Peas germinated. I can’t believe how long it took and how hard it was. I sandpapered them and they’ve been soaking for three full days and nights, but today I finally see some little roots. They’ll go into the garden today and I’ll start germinating some more.

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