Saturday, April 6, 2019


Friday was a beauty of a day—even though it rained at times. It was lovely and warm. Living here in the forest is truly a privilege. Everywhere I look I see life bursting from bare branches and twigs; it makes my spirit soar. The morning dog walks, both yesterday and today, were inspirational.
In the afternoon, I lit the fire to lighten my spirit on a day, dark with cloud. The odd beauty of the day brought to mind fond memories of some wet summer days of my past.
Late in the afternoon, the sun came out and I fled to the hot tub after Patsy left. She came to talk about a Tool Library brochure.
A movie of Come From Away  is underway. I’m thrilled I will see it. It’s one mighty successful show; it’s changed the lives of its creators.
Above is the logo I built for the Tool Library.
And this is a map I made for them of their location.
This is A DRAFT of one side of the brochure. Click to enlarge.
DRAFT back.

And I have a new pet, though, not for long I hope. It’s the cutest little mouse. I found the poor little guy in my living room after a rough night with my cats. Another one lay dead in the dining room.
I’ve got it in a box and I was thrilled to see it eat. I’ve given it a nice comfortable home and am feeding it well with seed, cheese, apple and water. If it recovers, I’ll set it free. If it cannot regain its full strength, I’ll keep it and look after it.
I’m off to do some errands and then I’m coming home to do the other page of the brochure and to chill with a movie. It’s really blowing outside, and there’s serious rain. We’re having a wonderful summer storm and I love it.

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