Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Ivy Gestating

Sweeping the courtyard and the decks, front and back, takes about an hour-and-a-half. It’s a Sisyphusian task; the wind was howling as I swept, blowing down more branches, cones and twigs where I’d already swept. Still, it makes the place look spectacular once I’m done. Then I tidied the shed enough to allow me to park inside during the Monsoon of yellow pollen that’s currently underway.
When I came in for a break, the phone rang—and yowza! I got a date for my eye surgery—May 24th. I get a new lens, correcting my astigmatism, to replace the old one that has two cataracts. Hooray! I’ll still need reading glasses—but just the cheap over-the-counter kind and not the expensive bifocals I’ve needed in the past. I’ve been waiting since last July for this surgery.
My new lawn in the backyard—just part of the yard that was formerly a mess of weeds, roots and rock—is looking lush, and green and healthy. It’s such a rich gorgeous colour when I look at it from the cabin. Once it’s toughened up a bit, I’m going to steal some rocks from the lot next door to create a border between it and the garden.
I walked Her Highness and took her with me into the village for some supplies. And I mowed the lawns before I rewarded myself with chocolate cake—and a spa. I’d done a good days work!
Fred spent the entire day trying to move the fridge. There was a mouse under it. He was obsessed and I was impressed by his diligence. ‘Ol Ethel was interested for about an hour and then she napped and watched birds from the porch.
My God, I love life here!
Today is cloudy and showers are predicted. To make a poor day worse, I’ve been doing my taxes this morning. Bu I took a break to go on the dog walk with my group and on the way home I saw women in the yard with the Ivy I want, so I stopped and went in. I met Carol, the homeowner, who is lovely, and she happily gave me cuttings of the Ivy that I have in soil on my deck. I really hope it takes because it will provide a lovely look on my cabin.

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