Saturday, April 13, 2019

Slow Rain

The world—well, certainly the Internet—exploded when the first image of a 
black hole was released last week. I’m very proud to share these photos 
that reveal how it was formed.

It was a spectacular day on Friday. Spirits were high on the dog walk, after which I came home to do continue my mastery of idleness that was interrupted (thankfully) my Patsy who brought lunch and corrections to the Tool Library brochure.
 Had a wonderful hot tub session and delighted in a walk through the yard to see all the signs of renewal on my plants and shrubs. All my Apple trees seem to have survived their move, thank goodness. 
April 9thwent by and I didn’t even notice. It was the third anniversary of the change in my mental health. There’s so much I could say about the past three years of living with symptoms I couldn’t hide, but because I’m an optimist, the outstanding outcome of my condition is that I moved—no, fled—to Gabriola, and the decision to do that is one of the finest of my life.
Today is wet. On my dog walk yesterday, I was taught to appreciate these days of “slow rain.” Slow rain is what I would call drizzle—it’s constant, but light-to-very light, and what locals love about slow rain is that it is entirely absorbed into our aquifer. 
We’re due for slow rain for the next week. Pooey. I, of course, want semi-eternal sunshine! But it’s a big day today! At 1:00 the Selfie team assembles here to fill our cars with my flowers. Then we go to the Community Hall to install them and all the self-portraits onto the walls.
I’ll come home once we’re done, but I’ll go back tonight to take a quick peek at how the party looks and to see people interacting with the wall of selfies. We’ve got about 230 of them.
Big news #1:  Our local food market is closing for two days—next Monday and Tuesday. The whole island will be shopping this weekend. Then, on Wednesday, our “Village Market” re-opens as a new “Nestor’s Market,” carrying an estimated one thousand new items.
Big news #2:  BC Ferries has released drawings of the new terminal for our island. Soon we’ll also see the new plan for vehicle assembly that will take cars waiting for a ferry off our roads. And after that, a date will be announced when our current ferry becomes two smaller ferries creating a shuttle service that doubles the daily sailings.

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