Thursday, June 6, 2019

A Chilly Day

It’s June, it’s 5:30 am and it’s 6° outside. It feels like winter, but it’s sunny. What the Hell? When it’s unseasonably cold like this is an ideal time to be in the hot tub. At least it won’t last. There’s nothing but sunshine and rising temperatures in the forecast. One nice thing about the cooler temperatures is the pleasure of being in the sunshine. It’s not too hot to enjoy being in the sun.
There will be no hard work until my wrist heals. I can barely rotate it or bear any weight. 
Could a blog be duller? There are no more travel stories, nor creative projects, nor interesting volunteer experiences, but there are no stories about speech or seizures either.
A friend asked me, yesterday, about Dr. Shoja. Dr. S. and the Speech Clinic seem far, far away to me now. I doubt I’ll ever return. I’m the expert about my condition now; I’m happy now with my experiential understanding of my condition. However, I still profoundly appreciate the incredibly valuable help she provided to me through my first couple of years of adjustment.
I’m failing with my Radishes, Beets and Spinach. I’ve more book learnin’ to do on growin’ ‘em. But my Lettuce is coming along, and so are the Peas and Beans and Garlic. The berries are thriving, too, but I have scads of birds here and I don’t want that to change. I’ll continue to fill my feeders but it looks like I’ll be netting my berries (inside the fence that keeps the Deer out).
I’ve enjoyed today, not working myself to exhaustion on tilling rock-hard soil. I’ve been transplanting, planting new Petunias for some colour, watering everything (leisurely) and cleaning up the courtyard.

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