Thursday, June 20, 2019

An Idle

It felt both strange and wonderful to return to solitariness today. Although I felt keen to get to work on yard, I did nothing all day and now I’m about to have a spa and drift through the evening.
I floated all day in a wonderful uninvited lethargy—likely a response to two, almost back-to-back short-term visits that ended with a bang with Edwin’s late departure yesterday and with a dinner party here (Vic and Jay) last night. 
Today has been gloriously sunny and hot—a perfect day for comfortable, welcome idleness—and for baking a batch of my favourite cookies. And now, off I go for a lovely late afternoon spa before a lazy evening in front of the TV. 
I’ve thrived on this day of rest; it is my perfect soul state. My passion for yard work will return tomorrow, as will my vigor.

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