Friday, June 14, 2019

Section Two Underway

This is the area I cleared yesterday.

This is the southeast part of my yard, looking from the courtyard.
The arrow points to where section two is, where I am working now.
That’s section one on the right; it’s done. The next section
I’ll be doing is to the left of the line of dashes

I love these endlessly sunny days when I have a big project to do. I can hardly wait to get back to work on clearing more of the second section of the backyard today.
It was hot, hard, tiring work yesterday. But I got a good start on section two (of six). Section two is in the sun during the late morning and early afternoon. Hence the many breaks for a drink and a rest. 
Absolutely the best part of the work was watching my workmates—small, sparrow-like birds with black heads that love to find things in the soil I expose. They “tick,” rather than chirp, and thoroughly amuse me.
The work is slow at my pace, but I find it satisfying because I see what will be and not just the barren, dusty fields. When the rain starts in September or October, I’ll seed the sections I’ve prepared and soon I’ll have beautiful lush green carpet covering the majority of the backyard—my reward for a lot  of work!
Have you seen the trailer for the movie, “Yesterday?” It looks like oodles of fun and it has the most beautiful woman in film in it: Lily James (whom I adore).
There’s a section called “Traffic Sources” on the “Statistics” page of my blog that is hosted by Blogger. It appears to tell me sources of visits to by blog. My friend Beth’s blog is one source, so is Google. But twice I’ve noticed a surge in visits and when it happens there are always new ‘sources’ and when I click on them to see more about them, I discover that they are porn sites. I cannot fathom how someone who wants to see porn online winds up on this blog.
My bird netting arrived just in time. I’m awaiting the curved net holders I ordered to install it but it’ll be here before the berries are ripe.

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