Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Section 1 Done!

This is the view from the courtyard. The garden is new.
The area I tilled vigorously is behind the garden.
Here, you can see the whole of "section one" of my project, with the garden
on the right. The wild green at the end is my "meadow" where I'll plant more
wildflowers and thin the Salal.
This is what part of section one looked like before. It's dry caked sandstone
with weeds anchored in cracks.
Where there wasn't sandstone, there was a thick blanket of Fir needles hosting
vines and weeds, some with remarkable root systems. And beneath much of the
area that looked like this, was construction garbage.
This area was the worst, so earlier this Spring, I threw
some leftover soil on it and grass seed. I haven't mowed
it yet, but this is the seed I'l use on section one in the Fall.

Section one is done. It’s all ready for the addition of soil and seed in the Fall. I’m terrifically satisfied with what I’ve done and can hardly wait to get to work on section two. And then section three!
In spite of my sore shoulder, I moved many wheelbarrows full of large and small pebbles this morning, from my lot to the forest and many more of soil from the forest into my yard. While working, I decided to buy the topsoil I need from the local nursery and have it delivered. I’m going to need a lot  of it.. What you see above is just the first of three large sections of the yard I want to seed to lawn in the Fall. 

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