Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Edwin's Visit

Edwin arrived at 10:30 Monday. I picked him up at the floatplane dock and we came home to chill. Then he took me to lunch in the village and we went shopping for food with which to make a picnic dinner to enjoy at Drumbeg.
The afternoon involved chores on my part, and a nap whilst Edwin read, and then we went to Drumbeg to eat in the same place Patsy, Beth and I ate last week. Again, picnicking was a hit with both my guest and Sheba.
Yesterday we went for a lovely morning walk, then we had lunch here and afterwards I watered things whilst Edwin read, and then we went to Twin Beaches with Sheba  to tire her out because tonight we are going to Jay’s place for dinner. He also is hosting a guest (with whom I went to high school) so we’ll be four.
The evening at Jay’s was truly wonderful. He lives in French glory in his chateau surrounded by huge flowering Lavender bushes. There was lots of conversation and lots of alcohol. Dinner was delicious; Edwin and I left absolutely delighted with the night.
But when we got home, I went to bed but Edwin drank some more and then fell asleep in his chair. I could not sleep; I was very worried about him. I woke him and urged him to go to bed but he fell back to sleep in the chair; consequently, I could not sleep. I was too worried about him falling off the chair.
Later I heard noises and was relieved to see him heading off to his room (with difficulty). I’ve never been into alcohol so I have very limited experience with it or with people who’ve had too much; last night was scary for me. 
But all is well this morning. However: I saw something on the floor when I got up. It was one of Edwin’s expensive invisible hearing aids. I returned it to where I’d last seen it and noticed the other one was missing and so began the search for the second aid. I found it eventually, but I was fraught throughout the search.
Edwin’s joining us on the dog walk this morning and then we’ll improvise through the day until I take him to the seaplane at 3:30. And tonight, Victor and Jay are coming over for pizza and more visiting.

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