Sunday, June 9, 2019

Soft Times @ Pinecone Park

Today Gabriola starts to heat up. By Wednesday, the daytime temperature is predicted to be 30°. The day broke brilliant and clear, then high cloud moved in but it’s goiong to be a great afternoon for us today.
I went to the farmers’ market yesterday morning and then Beth arrived at 2:00. We came home, got settled, went for a trail walk, came home and chilled, had a hot tub and then, when we were prepping for dinner, Patsy arrived—three friends together with good food, wine and lots of laughs. (Patsy loves  Sheba!)
It’s big dog walk group this morning. I love my group dog walks! Then I think Beth and I will shop for our meals and then we’ll go for a picnic at Drumbeg with Sheba and then to the petroglyphs before coming home for the night. The Tony Awards are on tonight. Whoopee!

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