Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Beth Departs

Tuesday morning was thrilling. I got up (after a rough night) and went outside and there was a lovely gentle warm wind. It wasn’t at all cool like past mornings and there was no dew. 
I watered all the gardens as Beth slept. After she’d risen and settled, I had a spa and watched birds in my birdbath, in the fountain, at the feeders and buzzing around the shrubs and bushes by the feeders. There were scores of them and their song was the only audible sound, save for the quiet whistle of wind in Fir needles.
I was in rough shape though. I was having trouble speaking—even with Beth. We went to Sandwell for a walk in the morning and then into the village in the afternoon. Going into the pharmacy alone for my prescriptions proved really rough. I had a nap when we got home and felt much better afterwards, so we went to see Eoin and Franois and then to see the Petroglyphs in the late afternoon when it was 28°! 
Then it was spa, an easy dinner and then Patsy arrived for after dinner drinks on the deck—a fitting end to Beth’s visit. She leaves this morning and I get started on section two of the yard.
These long sunny hot, hot days are exactly the kind of day I dream of all winter. And when I slide a clean t-shirt on after my spa and smell the outdoors on it, it heightens my passion for this summer life spent almost entirely outdoors.
I have five days to work on section two. But I also will be working with a terribly tender wrist. Regardless, I’m excited about preparing another section of the yard for Fall seeding.

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