Sunday, June 23, 2019

Summer: The Season of Work

These gorgeous flowers were here when I moved in. I'll
add Poppies and Digitalis next year to create my meadow.

I spent Saturday morning considering the workshops I want to do to earn the money for my lawn making. I think I’ll do them in late summer when our island population swells to twice its winter size and before the Thanksgiving Art Tour and Festival.
My plan is to do four workshops in my studio for a maximum of twelve people. During any rainy days this summer, I’ll develop the lesson plans and check that all my technical equipment is working before choosing the dates and placing the ads. 
This is the bird netting on my Strawberries and Pine Berries.
I got the frames with which I’ll erect protective netting over my berries to keep the birds focused on the seeds, water, suet and nectar. I also got six blueberry plants; there are many pies in my future.
This is more Ocean Spray, this time in another part of my backyard. The naked
soil is the second section of weeding and tilling that I did.

Section three is going to take weeks! It has a huge surface area and the work is tiring because a lot of this section is thick and knotted roots in a thin layer of soil/Fir needles that covers the sandstone. After four hours of work, I’d done just a couple of square meters. 
For a change of pace, I moved some of my beets and planted the six new Blueberry plants I bought earlier in the day. And then I was done. I had a wonderful long, well earned spa.
Today I’ll be back at the yard work after Her Highness and I go on the big community dog walk. It’s cloudy, there’s been a very slight sprinkling of water and it’s coolish; it’s ideal weather for working. 
My Peas, and the Beans behind them, are doing well!

I normally get 100 – 150 page views per day on this blog, but every once in a while something happens. One example: Very suddenly I started getting between 2,000 - 2,500 hits per day. The surge came from Poland and I’ve no idea why. It lasted for months and then stopped.
Now I’m getting hundreds of views a day from Russia. But this time I know why. It’s because of this paragraph that ended a rant about abysmal political leadership:
What if there were two ballots for our elections—one for left leaning people and one for right and you can only have one? What if each side chose their leader and governments were jointly led and social policy had to be hammered out between them? That way, perhaps public discourse would be less objectionable and not posturing.

My lettuce is not only beautiful, it's delicious.

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