Wednesday, June 5, 2019

By Request

Section two: The brown part is the dry, hard-packed part (like section one).
The greener part has caked Firs needles
 supporting growth over the stone.
This is a close-up of the surface of section two.
This is more of section two—to the red line, behind which, will be the
Fern garden.
This is section one and how the other sections will look when I am done with
them. I will soil and seed sections 1-3 in the Fall.
The lush green is the test section. It was seeded with the same seed I will use
on the other sections. I may mow it; I may not.
This is section three, up close. What you don't see is the
dense network of roots that cover the rock surface and 
burrow deep into the cracks of the rock.

A friend requested the photos above and this info; they show sections two and three as they currently exist. They will resemble the current state of section three (also above) when I’m finished prepping them—ready for a layer of soil and seeding.
Section one was largely hard-packed sandstone with years of Fir needles on it that hosted weeds. Section two is similar, plus an area that as some soil and, thereofore, more weeds. It is quite shady, too. Section three is really dense with weeds because there is soil there and lots of light. 
Section five will be the Fern garden. I may get started this year; I’m not sure. Section five will be more lawn but it’s a project for next year. Section six (that is likely to remain wild because Sheba likes wild land for doing her business) is a long narrow strip of land between two sections (the Garden of Stolen Stones and section three) and the fence between Meryl’s lot and mine.
It’s been cloudy all day, but the sun came out at 3:30 and so I’m heading for the spa after I post this. I couldn’t do yard work today; the pain in my shoulders and one wrist is nasty. My wrist is swollen, too.. 
Plus, I awoke with a start. Actually, with a question: “Where is my ring?” I was getting a callous from a ring I wear and so I took it off the other day and put it on my little finger where I thought it would stay until I could put it in a safe place. It was expensive; I commissioned it from an artist I met and now it’s where all the lost things go. It fell off somewhere without me noticing. Sigh.
So I lit the fire—partly for heat, partly to make me feel cozy as compensation for the pain in my wrist. I’ve had a lovey day.

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