Friday, June 28, 2019

Rain & Pain

Wednesday I was back at yard work, knowing that Thursday would be a day of rain and rest. I worked relentlessly, all the while looking forward to my spa at the end of the day. 
Since beginning with section one, I’ve been throwing rocks into one place. Yesterday I placed the largest of them around the edge of un-edged gardens and put the rest in the forest. I dumped maybe eight wheelbarrows full today. 
When I finished I felt pretty satisfied—proud of the day’s work and happy to see much more of section three looking ready for seeding. Good weather settles back in on Friday so I’ll be back to it again then.  
My spa was lovely thanks to the sweet, sweet fragrance of the blazing bloom of Ocean Spray. And then Sheba and I had a lovely warm and bright summer drive to Jays for dinner with him and Fan├žois and Eoin—and their Whippets and Sheba.
It was a truly heavenly evening. It was a warm summer night and I was eating a delicious dinner with three excellent friends and residents of Gabriola.
The the sound of (welcome) rain pounding on the roof woke me up and as soon as I was rational, I realized I felt awful and would want to spend the entire day in bed. Then I heard the sound of Fred puking his guts up in the kitchen. 
I got up, cleaned up Fred’s mess whilst my head pounded walked Her Highness nearby and spent the rest of the day lying down shielding the light from my eyes and waiting for bedtime. At 7:30, I was fast asleep for the night.
Today I feel better but I’m not certain I’m up for yard work. It may be a slow day. It’s sunny, but this early morning, it’s only fourteen chilly degrees outside! This morning’s small community dog walk my revive me.

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