Saturday, June 29, 2019

Casual Labour

This is what my bed looks like almost every late afternoon.
Fred, looking evil and Ethel looking divine.

I could barely talk with my dog-walking friends as we began our walk on Friday, and that’s not normal. And as Regina recounted her story of a neighbour’s dog, I started weeping. Something’s not right, and it still isn’t. But I’m functional and I didn’t nap all day—whereas on Thursday I spent the entire day sleeping.
I took it easy all day on Friday and lit a nice warm fire. One lovely thing was Jay dropping by with some plants—starters from his garden (Calla Lilies, Boston Ivy and Lavender). 
It’s been cloudy today and only 18° but it’s a nice temperature for working. Today I’m addressing the many, many things I’ve ignored whilst concentrating on the landscaping project. I’ve already been shopping, to the recycling centre and transplanted all my Raspberries.
But best of all, was planting the Lavender. Jay gave me three plants and I had one of my own. The ones at his house are huge billowing clouds of blue, so I planted mine in between the fruit trees where they’ll get lots of sunlight. I could not be happier; I think my backyard is going to be gorgeous. 
By mid-afternoon, I was beat. It was time to have a soak in the spa and chill for the evening with die kinder. (I watched a rather wonderful film called “I Love Berlin” last evening; it’s more a collection of short films really; it’s not one long narrative and I quite loved it.)

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