Saturday, June 15, 2019

Finishing Section Two

Whoopee, I’m going to finish section two of the backyard today! I’m committed.  
I take out all the weeds and remove years worth of Fir needles in which the weeds root. I also take out as many rocks as I feel I need to and then I till the incredibly hard-packed soil to a depth of about five inches. My yard is either solid sandstone or, where there is some soil, it’s as rocky as a beach—plus, the laborers who built this place dumped gravel everywhere.
Friday was gorgeous and I was in fine spirits because I had almost the whole day to work on the yard. First, of course, I had to do a lot of watering and walk Her Highness. But then, I was hard at it. I loved  doing the work!
But it didn’t love me. I got blisters on my hands and fingers (!) and my wrist started hurting again. So I quit at 2:30; it was too hot and I was too sore and tired to go on. I had a lovely mid-day spa and then went shopping. 
In one store, everything was going fine when the clerk asked me, “How many do you want?” 
I started to answer but went into a seizure and, of course, could not speak to explain myself. I couldn’t function properly but I didn’t spaz out too much. In the “eye of the storm,” I was able to say, “Seizure.” (My seizures now give me about a 15-second break in the middle.) And when I got home, I got back into the spa to relax before having take-out Indian food for dinner. 
And as with every evening after physical labour, I went to bed early.
Island life: We’ve received notice from BC Hydro that both Gabriola and Mudge Islands will be without power on Sunday July 14 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm for “infrastructure upgrades.”

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