Monday, June 24, 2019

Rain Shower!

What’s that noise, I wondered this morning at 5:30. It was a sprinkling of rain falling on my tin roof, and soon it turned into real rain. It’s something we needed, so I was happy—particularly because I could see blue sky in the west that suggested the day would not be a complete washout—and that’s good because yesterday was a write off.
I did absolutely no work on Sunday; the weather didn’t inspire me. Instead, I frittered away the day after the big dog walk. Keith, my neighbour, dropped by with some pot plants for me to grow and we wound up talking for quite a while.
The best part of the day was watching the Inspiration Awards (for Indigenous people) on the Aboriginal Network. I was weeping all the time and then euphoric watching Jeremy Dutcher. (I bought his album a while back without knowing he was Canadian or Aboriginal and I absolutely love it.)
I really hope Aboriginal people wind up controlling the new and morally compromised oil pipeline. What a great way to make the project more palatable for all of us.

Above are photos of some of the Salal leaves I’ve been collection with which I intend to make a decorative wreath. They’re not normal leaves; they have, I think, some kind of disease—perhaps a parasite—that produces the brilliant colour and almost celestial “starry” look.
Today I hope to be back at work, weather permitting. After a day off, I’m keen to get back to work. I’ve a new incentive.
Virtually all my life I weighted 77 kilos. When my mental health collapsed, I started eating more sweets and my love of long distance walking abruptly ended. And then, since I moved here, I’ve been using sweets to reward myself for the endless work involved with improving the yard here. My weight ballooned to 90 kilos.
Well yesterday I noticed my stomach had shrunk; I’m down to 84 kilos! I’m really happy about that. And by the time I finish this work, I may be able to get my weight down to 80 kilos. 
Six weeks today, my ex and his partner arrive to stay for five days. 
I’ve known he’s coming for months and I think about it every day. His impending visit has been a part of my every action this year. I am over-the-moon excited he’s coming.
I’m not in love with him. I’m not excited because I want him back or anything like that; He’s just very special to me. His family was my first experience with belonging. His sister and her husband are coming here too, when Steve’s here. We’re having a mini reunion.

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