Thursday, June 13, 2019


“Recalculating.” That’s what the GPS service in a car I was riding in said when the driver made a mistake. 
Beth’s visit went really well; its sudden end, as she stepped onto the plane, has me, again, flying solo. Recalculating is what I did yesterday. I’ll do it again when Edwin arrives, and again when he leaves. I enjoy company a lot; I’d have nothing to look forward to, were it not to the visit of my friends. Still, I thrive on solitude.
It was seriously hot yesterday; the sluggish weather may have contributed to my lethargy. I didn’t have the energy for yard work so I did laundry, baked, napped, had two spas and vegetated through the evening and went to bed early.
Today, however, I expect to get back to work on the backyard. It’s a stunning day that won’t be quite as hot as yesterday apparently. I’m keen to work today and have the sunshine and cookies for energy.
First though, a walk with Her Highness and watering.
I watered the vegetables and fruit yesterday morning at 6:00. Then, when I returned home from taking Beth to her seaplane at 11:00, the Peas and my prize Lavender were completely wilted. In heat like yesterday, the gardens of Pinecone Park need constant monitoring. The lawns, however, are on their own and browning.

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