Saturday, June 8, 2019

Beth Day

Friday mid-day, the sun came out and everything looked fresh and vibrant after cooler weather and Thursday night’s welcome rain. Today will be a fine Spring day. Beth arrives at 2:00.
Yesterday was a day of supremely modest accomplishment. I was busy all day doing nothing worth mentioning. This morning, I’ll go in into the village to go to the farmers’ market and I’ll putz in the garden until Beth arrives.
I wonder what it’s like to be a Toronto Raptor; I wonder how they sleep on the night before a game. What an incredible ride they, and their fans, are on. Such a win! And it has come without any news of rioting or vandalism (unlike in Vancouver when a Canadian hockey team in in the Stanley Cup finals). 
I am earning another badge! I’ve started composting. The challenge will be finding enough “brown” material. I’ll have my vegetable greens, but I’ve no deciduous trees here to provide a healthy yield of leaves. So come Fall, I’m going to harvest some from the 707 land where there’s a massive Maple growing.

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