Friday, June 21, 2019


I’m a new man today! I’ve been a whirlwind of activity since rising, doing things I didn’t want to do yesterday. Soon I’ll go on the community dog walk and then I’ll come home to get started on section three of the backyard—the last section for this year.
I should be able to finish section three, depending on the weather, by the end of the month. That would be excellent because then I’ll be capable of management of my yard. Right now, with my “huge” landscaping project underway, I can hardly keep up with the demands of the vegetable garden. I cannot believe how much work it is. 
Come July and August, the watering will be far more manageable. I’ve learned a lot already and in those months I’ll be making some changes to what I grow.  
The most highly awarded film to debut at Sundance  is a film called Honeyland. If concerns the struggle of the last female bee hunter in Europe. She must save the bees and return the natural balance in her homeland when a family of nomadic beekeepers invade and threaten her livelihood. You can see a preview here.
I heard Buffy Saint-Marie sing her song Universal Soldieron the CBC today. What a national treasure she is! She, Joni Mitchell and Neil Young have always made me terribly proud of my country. Perhaps our best writers are songwriters.

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