Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Another Power Failure

Daryl and Elaine were here yesterday morning. They returned the plate on which I’d put the cake I gave them. They said that they loved the cake and I’ve very glad. They’ve done so much for me since I moved here! I’m happy I let them know I appreciate all they do.
I had real trouble getting going yesterday morning, but once I did get out there, it was very satisfying to see progress in the revitalization of the Fern Garden. It’s in the shade, so I don’t overheat, I’m constantly on my knees and my left arm is still not working properly, but I got enough done to make me happy.
The part (top centre) I've not done yet. You can't even see the Ferns 
amidst all the weeds.
This is the part I've done. It's been an amazing transformation.

It was a spectacular afternoon to be in Rollo Park with Gunther and Zooey. Its huge open fields provide lots of bright sunlight that I missed until I found this park. Trail walking is lovely, but it’s also very shady. 
I had a spa and then a nice long talk with Dianne, in the late afternoon. But then we had the second power failure in a week. It went off at about four in the afternoon. I used my generator for a while, but then it ran out of gas and so I went to bed at eight-thirty. 
The power’s back on this morning and it looks like it’ll be a decent day so It’ll be back to the Fern Garden and, at some point, I have to do my weekly shopping.  
Isolation is starting to feel like solitary confinement. We weren’t born to be alone all the time. This is an emotional challenge, this home arrest. We’ve a plan brewing, Dana, Jane, and Dianne and I, to meet for an afternoon together—safely—in Nanoose Bay next month. The last time I saw a friend, face-to-face, was with Lucie and Sylvie on March twelfth. 

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