Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Selfin Dulgence

I’m resting today. I’ve spent all day napping and just reading, celebrating the completion of the restoration of the Fern Garden. 
It hasn’t been wet at all, just cloudy and uninspiring, so I chose to have an entirely non-demanding, easy lovely lazy day, Sadly, for me, all my unread New Yorkers are about almost noting but the pandemic, so they are going unread to Anna. I’ve no desire at all to become knowledgeable about Covid-19.
wanting absolutely nothing. It seems like things have returned to normal in the grocery store, in terms of stock. But one-way aisles, limited entry, self-bagging, shields, etcetera, are all still in place.
Yesterday I finished the Fern Garden. Well … it’s never finished, but it’s done until it needs weeding again. I’m thrilled! And now that it’s over, another duty awaits—finishing the boardwalk. That will be my ‘last’ project. Completing it will complete my landscaping ambitions.
The extreme east part of my property remains unfinished and it may remain that way forever. It’s land where, were I rich, I’d put a pond because there’s little light there. And the land where my fruit trees remains rough, but I have no ambition to change that. 
So, once the boardwalk is done, all there is maintenance. There’s lots of that to do: Watering, mowing, edging, weeding, weeding and weeding. The work here never stops. But not today. Maybe even not tomorrow.
I’m off to Rollo Park to meet Gunther and Zooey. What a great day it is when you do nothing but give in to the slug. It’s cloudy but bright and I lit a fire.
What a nice day. Was I a drag queen, I’d call myself Selfin Dulgence.

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