Monday, May 18, 2020

Back to the Fern Garden

This is Gunther's dog, Zooey. She's Sheba's best friend and she has startlingly bright blue eyes.

Sunday was wet. It didn’t rain a day, but the downpour on Saturday night was so heavy that everything on Sunday was wet, wet, wet. I wore my winter boots for the dog walk with Eoin and François. It was a lovely walk; the fragrance of the forest was wonderful.
When I got home, I lit the fire to make home nice and cozy on such a wet day and got to baking a chocolate cake for Daryl and Elaine—a large one for them and a little one for me. And by noon, there were some periods of sunshine and so I went out to tie up my Sweet Peas to get them to climb the poles I installed for them. I got more Basil seeds into germinating pellets, too.
I also ordered bird netting that I’ll use to protect my Blueberry crop from the birds, and more garden pegs with which I’ll finish the boardwalk. I’m ready for more projects in the yard. The coming weather looks okay—except for Wednesday and Thursday—so I can get back to working outdoors. I’m dying to finish the Fern Garden.
Then it was off to Rollo Park with Sheba while the cakes cooled. It was very nice and bright the whole time we were there and Gunther as in good spirits.
When I got home, Her Highness slept. I iced the cakes. No! No mirror finish; just good old fashioned and delicious, butter cream frosting. Yum! And then I took D&E’s cake to them before settling into a nice cozy night at home with the pets.

See all those white blossoms? My Strawberry beds are awash in them. Could a summer of Strawberry Cream Cakes be in my future? And, depending on how they fruit and what the birds do, I should have a lovely crop of Blueberries as well. I will likely build an anti-bird enclosure over the blueberries.
Today is nice enough for me to work on the Fern Garden. It’s a lovely day and tomorrow is likely to be as well, so I could get the Fern Garden done before the rains come on Wednesday and Thursday. Her Highness and I will go on a short walk  before I begin the bending and pulling of weeds.

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