Monday, May 25, 2020

I Love Reading "educated"

Sugar cookies. Yum! I made a big Saturday morning, making the house smell like my beloved Aunt Audrey’s did. It’s from her that I got my love of baking. She was my first experience with love.
Saturday turned out to be not too bad. There was no rain, but it was overcast with thin clouds that let lots of lovely bright light through to keep me warm. It was a lovely day. I love listening to CBC2 because it plays a wide variety of classical music during the day. And nothing beats a day when the weather is calming and there’s great music on the radio.
Bright sunshine and clear skies impel me to work. Days like Saturday render me still and I appreciate the day and my lifestyle. The soft light that penetrates the cloud makes everything look soft, and at this point in our Springtime, the leaves are free of dust and evidence of insects.
I checked on the water level in my cistern… and so begins summer. I felt fine watering the front gardens after my baking, and then I transplanted some Boxwood starters that had popped up in one of my planters. 
But I reckon my Wisteria is a goner. My friends Dianne and John sent me photos of theirs in majestic bloom, but mine has signs of tiny shoots that are not developing. I’ll get a Clematis to replace it; its purpose is to hide the lot next door that is likely to be developed into a home in the near future.
My Paulownia, however, is thriving. I bought a tiny shoot last year and planted it in the front yard and this year it’s already twice as high as it reached last year. They are fast-growing trees with gorgeous blue towers of flowers and their leaves are rich in Nitrogen, so they make excellent compost.
Saturday afternoon, it cleared up! I went to Rollo with Sheba and came home for a spa, dinner and watching The Nance(with the incredible Nathan Lane) on YouTube. It was very funny when it was supposed to be, but when it got serious it felt rather forced … rather melodramatic. Still, it was Nathan Lane … and no commercials.
He has one scene in which he plays Hortense. He does it in drag and I was cramping from laughing so hard for so long. The man is a magician with comedy. I love Nathan Lane.
“Very Damon and Pythiassy.”
And then came Sunday. Time is flying by. 
The morning was damp and grey, so I it a small fire and opened my book, educated as soon as I got home from the morning dog walk and I read right through until it was time for the afternoon walk. And when I got home, I read more until I watched the documentary about Divine on Netflix. I loved it, and I now love John Waters.
Today it’s raining real rain. And Ethel is sick, so I’m lighting another little fire to keep her warm and to make the house cozy on a dark wet day.
I’ll finish educated today and start another book because what else am I going to do? But I’m very happy for the gardens that today is so wet.

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