Saturday, May 16, 2020


Walking with Eoin Friday morning was lovely because it was sunny and warm, and the air smelled sweet and fresh. When I got home, I did not want to do much work, so I did the laundry and hung it on the line before settling into dappled sunlight on my lounge chair to nap. I had lunch and then puttered around the yard doing little things of no import. It was a lovely relaxing day.
Just before going to Rollo Park for a romp with Her Highness, I did manage to get the last of purchased plants into the ground, and I felt great. But then, when I got to the park, I felt wounded. No Gunther and no Anna, again. I feel dumped because I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. It’s sad. I’ve lost two friendships with people I think are nice kind people (with some beliefs radically different to mine). Sigh.
I cannot believe how fast time is going by! The weeks just fly by. It’s Saturday today and it feels like I was Saturday just a couple of days ago.
I got my tax deferral application in yesterday. Now my only big expenses annually are wood and car insurance. It feels good every time I do something that helps to extend the longevity of my life here on Gabriola.
It’s raining lightly today. It felt cool and damp in the house, so I lit a fire to make it cozy on this indoor day. I’ve to bake something today, for Daryl and Elaine to thank them for the tomatoes and for fixing my lawn mower.

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