Sunday, May 3, 2020

The Great Realization

Yesterday began with the loveliest little film called The Great Realization. My friend Dana sent me a link to it. Part story, part poem, part loving source of succor; a father tells a reflective and uplifting story of the virus to his son. See it here.
PS: I sent it to Anna. This is what she sent back to me: “I can see you liking this, Chris, yet to me it’s clearly propaganda.”
Our afternoon dog romp was great yesterday. There were about eight dogs, including an eleven-week old Australian Shepherd puppy, and the rain held off until after we’d had seventy-five minutes together. The weird thing was, I could barely speak. I could feel my body full of tension. I’ve absolutely no idea why. 
Late in the afternoon, the rain stopped, and the skies began clearing; my six-thirty, the sky was clear. In the evening, I watched some TV with Her Highness beside me, always with one paw upon my stomach so that I can gently rub her foreleg back and forth as she likes me to do.
The coming week looks decent. I’m really looking forward to spending the days in the garden. I’ve a ton of things to do! This summer, all I want to do is to water and tend to the garden, go on long walks with Her Highness and to make periodic day visits to parks on the big island.
In inventory of chores for the summer is very long. Tomorrow, Daryl is bringing me a ladder so I can put lights up under my eaves along the front of my house. I think it’ll look really neat to have lights along the roof line.
I’m a wee bit of a (constantly failing) perfectionist. I’m a little OCD-ish, so it’s rare that I take pleasure and pride in my work. I tend to see only the mistakes, only the things undone. But I’m really happy with my back yard. A yard, a garden, is forever a work in progress. I hope I have several years ahead of me here; each year, my yard looks better and better.

The above is a screen shot of a Tik Tok film I saw. The fellow puts Saran Wrap around his head, covers it with peanut butter on his forehead and as the dog licks the peanut butter, he clips his doggie’s nails. Brilliant!
Today has been weird. One minute it’s dark and raining. Then, suddenly the sky clears, the sun comes out and it feels like a different day. Ten minutes ago it was dark and wet and cool and I got myself ready for a day indoors, but now the sky is clear and the sun is out so I’m heading out and into the garden.
These photos are from this morning's walk:

All the Ferns are exploding with new fronds.

Eoin harvesting Oyster Mushrooms.

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