Thursday, May 7, 2020

Lights Up!

Above is a photo I took last night of the new lights on the front of the house. Climbing up to the height of the apex of the roof was rather frightening because the rail on the balcony prevented easy setting of the ladder. But it’s done!
After our afternoon walk together, Anna sent me a link on YouTube. It’s of a group of protesters wanting less rules in Sacramento CA. The protesters are not social distancing and they’re in beachwear; they’re confronting a line of police officers in riot gear, wearing facemasks and carrying a baton. It’s appalling to watch, but not for the same reasons Anna finds it appalling.
I realize that Anna distrusts, and is resistant to, authority, whereas I value and respect the authority of leaders who are fairly and democratically elected, and the administrations that serve them. Bottom line: I want order and I respect authority; Anna doesn’t. But we get along with me avoiding a short list of subjects and ignoring some things said and done.
Some current irritations: The inability to talk about anything except the virus and its effect on our politics, economy and social practices; celebrities telling us how to cope and praising first responders (using a meaningless assemblage of trite phrases such as: “these stressful times,” “selfless heroes,” “in this together,” “thoughts and prayers,” “hope;” endless emails with links to articles about the virus, virus jokes or isolation memes. 
There’s a local farmer whose produce has long compelled me to always buy my vegetables from him. I’d see him each week in the farmers’ market. Wel, he’s opened a road-side store, Heart and Soil, on his farm; it’s open from daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, and I’m thrilled. He’s the reason I stopped growing vegetables of my own to focus on fruit and herbs.
Today is another stunning day and the next few days are predicted to be between 23° and 25°, so mt spirits are soaring.
This morning, Eoin and I and out dogs are going to a local beach that is not closed. The tide will be quite low as there’s a very low tide due just past noon. That’ll mean the dogs have lots of space and flat sand on which to run around. They will love it.
Then it’s back here to weed in my gardens and in the courtyard. I’ve decided to wait on doing the boardwalk. I want to spruce-up the garden under the trees, do some tedious and labour intensive weeding of the cracks between the courtyard paving stones and steal some stones from the empty lot next door with which to line the front garden.

Fire snail.

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