Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My Lazy Life

Yesterday was beautiful. I had a morning spa, just before Cathy called to check in on me and my mental health. I’m getting slightly feisty with her; her “tough love” can be hard to take on some days. But she’s put me onto an interesting website run by a woman who calls herself the Crappy Childhood Fairy. 
The videos are interesting, and Cathy is kind to keep in touch, but I’m kind of sick of being sick, and as long as she is seeing me, I can’t forget I’m “sick.”. Given my isolation and lack of stimulation, I am doing very well. My symptoms are almost dormant, so I want Cathy to stop calling (but I won’t yet ask her to stop). I want to just get on with my life.
I went for my weekly shop and it’s clear that people and life and supplies have settled down. There’s flour, toilet paper, bread; everything was in stock. There were also lots of “summer folk;” I’ve become like all my fellow permanent residents who wish they weren’t here.
The nice thing about summer people is that many of them have children with them and their laughter and the melody of their voices provide an uplifting soundtrack to my visits to the park. But not this summer—not yet, at least. The parks remain closed.
My asthma clinic appointment next month is cancelled. I’m relieved that I don’t have to go to Vancouver but that I’m still connected to them. 
The RCMP shut down the local Marijuana store because a legal one is opening soon. The former owners spotted me in the park and invited me to do business with them by phone. I told them I’m barely a user anymore, but the fellow gave me his card anyway.
I notice that an ounce of Marijuana from him now is one hundred dollars. It used to be two-hundred and fifty, so enforcement, lessening his overhead, has made his market more active because he is much, much cheaper that brick and mortar vendors.
Also, when I bought Marijuana, I chose it by its smell. The legal outlets I’ve seen, and certainly the government mail-order service, prevent you from smelling their product. The product has to be packaged in approved safe environments and cannot be opened before sale.
I wonder how sales of marijuana, now that its legal, will evolve and how the legal vendors will deal with illegal sellers.
I mowed the front lawn and the lawn over the septic field yesterday. (I have to do the other lawns today.) And I did a laundry, loving every single second of hanging it listening to birdsong as sunshine warmed my back. Mmmmmmm. Then it was off to Rollo Park, then home for dinner and a relaxing evening at home.
Today and the next few days are predicted to be nice, so I’ll get lots of little tasks done: Tying up the Garlic, more edging and weeding and some napping in the speckled sunshine.

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